Dentalk smartly assists you

As your smart digital assistant, Dentalk can free you from some tedious tasks, helping you to focus on diagnosis and treatment.

Why Dentalk is a good digital assisstant


With its unique technology background, Dentalk can provide patients with smart services they have not experienced before.


Based on its careful design, Dentalk can help you with multiple tasks, and most of the time all you need is a few clicks.


Dentalk is produced on the basis of dental public health and tested by dental experts, which guarantees its professional service.


Powered by artificial intelligence, Dentalk can complete multiple jobs at the same time, with high quality and efficiency.


Dentalk is able to provide 24/7 service to both you and your patients, never taking a break and always ready for any new job.


Dentalk quietly provides visual aids when you explain diseases or treatments to patients, and it doesn't challenge you during your diagnosis.