What we do

Why choose us

AI Caries prediction

Our AI model is built through machine learning and based on epidemiological survey data.

It can estimate caries possibility before dental examinations and provide diagnostic reference, so it is helpful for caries diagnosis, especially early caries.

It does not add any extra tasks to clinical process, nor does it interfere with or challenge dentists' judgement.

Dental patient education

Our visual tools contain multiple forms of patient-friendly materials, including videos, animations, images and 3D tooth models.

They can help dentists explain various diseases, treatments or hygiene measures to patients, and significantly improve the efficiency of dental communication.

They do not set standards to restrict dentists, nor do they cause dental fear in patients through stimulating graphics.

What is Dentalk

Dentalk is an application that includes both the AI caries prediction and the patient education tools. It is designed for dental professionals and clinical work.

It is available on both the App Store and Google Play. The web application of Dentalk will be online soon.

How to use Dentalk


When new patients come to your clinic, please fill out the AI caries prediction questionnaire for them, then arrange detailed caries screening when AI predicts a higher probability of caries.


Throughout the clinical process, please use Dentalk to explain everything your patients need to understand. You will find that dental communication can be so easy and efficient.


With Dentalk, you will get more accurate caries diagnosis, easier workflow, better reputation and higher patient loyalty.