It's time to use A.I. to

in your dental practice

The usual way to increase patient volume is high in cost but low in efficiency

Attract new patients

Social media updates

Search engine optimisation

Community promotion activities

Improve patient satisfaction

Chair-side communication

Front desk staff training

Hygiene instruction

Increase patient retention

Recall reminder

Email marketing

Free consultation services

Our AI solution is much more cost-efficient than the usual way

Attract new patients

Social media with a self-assessment tool for patients
Website showing a unique competitive advantage
Community promotion activities based on epidemiological data analysis

Improve patient satisfaction

Efficient chair-side communication with visual materials
AI risk assessment of caries and periodontal disease
Patient-friendly and detailed hygiene instruction

Increase patient petention

Smart recall reminder based on AI risk assessment
Emails containing customised health advice
24/7 online, non-manpower, free consultation services

Our product DENTALK is an AI assisstant

that can contract, comfort and connect your paitents

AI risk assessment of dental diseases

Our AI model is built through machine learning based on epidemiological survey data. It can estimate the possibility of dental caries and periodontal disease. Just put a link on your website or social media, and your clients can use this AI tool for self-assessment. Then their assessment data will be sent to you, and the AI tool will advise all potential patients to make an appointment with you as soon as possible.

Dental patient education tools

Our patient education tools contain multiple forms of visual materials, including more than 500 images, videos and 3D tooth models. They can help you explain various diseases, treatment procedures or hygiene measures to your patients, and improve the efficiency of dental communication. Our visual materials are carefully designed to be patient-friendly, thereby reducing dental phobia and increasing patient satisfaction.

Dental records and statistical analysis

Our dental record system uses a variety of standard forms to record caries and periodontal status. Data entry is quite simple and may be completed with just a few clicks. Statistical analysis is carried out in accordance with the professional principles of epidemiology. The results can help you know your community better and develop more effective community promotion plans.

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